College Research Deadlines/Feedback/Revisions/Important Info


Wednesday 9 January 2018-Submit 8 possible colleges

Wednesday 16 January 2019-Submit 4 college choices [Can’t change after this date]

Wednesday 23 January 2019 College #1 Research due

Wednesday 30 January 2019 College #2 Research due

Wednesday 6 February 2019 College #3 Research due

Wednesday 13 February 2019 College #4 Research due

Wednesday 20 February 2019 Persuasive speech rough draft

Wednesday 27 February 2019 Works Cited page due

Final Project is due Wednesday 27 March 2019-Presentations will start on this day!


Feedback on College Research-I can only provide verbal feedback on what was wrong on college research during tutoring sessions.

-If something is highlighted, this means it needs to be corrected. [College can't be used or part of research incorrect]

-If nothing is highlighted, this means it is all correct.



I will allow revisions for College #1,2,3,4 rough drafts, persuasive rough drafts and works cited rough drafts ONLY. YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA TO REVISE:

-You must have received an 84 or below on each of those to qualify to revise

-You must either attend tutoring for verbal feedback or email Mrs. Jones at with copies of work to be revised By 5pm on the friday BEFORE it is due.

You MUST turn in the original with revision [No revisions accepted via email!]

-If you NEVER turned in the assignment you can't qualify for revisions!

-It MUST be turned into the black box outside my door by 2:15pm on each due date

College #1 Revision due January 28th

College#2 Revision due February 4th

College #3 Revision due February 11th

College #4 Revision due February 18th

Persuasive Speech Revision due February 28th [Emails MUST BE sent by Monday 25 February 2019 by 5pm; Feedback will ONLY vbe provided via Email]

Works Cited Revision Due March 4th


Important Info while researching [Look at research instruction sheet and sample research papers] 

*Research should ONLY be from the School's official website not google search, not wikipedia, etc. ; also can call school's admissions officers for assistance; Label A-Q when turning in rough drafts!!!

B&C- Get the school's set requirement not the median score [if the school does holistic approach (you would know this after calling them) then you can put median ACT and GPA requirements]

E-Should have 10 majors not names of degrees like Bachelors of arts in math; 5 of the majors should have possible careers and the remaining 5 should have  a BRIEF overview of each like [zoology-study of animals]

F-Should have 5 different places on campus to live researched with the cost per semester [semester costs is given to you usually it's up to you to multiply the semester cost by 2 to get the year cost]; if school doesn't have 5 total places [dorms/apartments on campus] you MUST research apartments off campus in the area-rent multiplied by 5 equals the semester costs; rent multiplied by 10 equals the year costs

G-semester costs are usually given [multiply semester by 2 to get the year cost

H- this is JUST TUITION ONLY! multiply semester by 2 to get year costs; multiply the year costs by 4 to get per 4 years amount or multiply year cost by 2 to get per 2 years amount [If it is a community college it is a 2 year university; if not you will do per 4 years] If the school is out of the state of TN you MUST RESEARCH OUT OF STATE TUITION!

I-Should have 5 scholarships that you can apply for [ALL TN schools should have TN HOPE LOTTERY SCHOLARSHIP; TN PROMISE SHOULD NOT BE USED]; 3 LOANS should be Federal subsidized, Federal unsubsidized, and Federal parents/perkins plus [You MUST research  requirements and amounts; this is used for ALL schools]; 2 grants- one of the 2 for ALL schools should be Federal Pell grant]




N-ALL schools will be yes and you must list 3 places to work on campus!

O-SHOULD HAVE 4 MASTERS DEGREES and 3 pre professional programs; Community colleges you will write the following statement- There are no graduate programs offered here.

P-should have 7 organizations that you can actually join with BRIEF details



****When you are completing/ revising your persuasive essay, remember to cite in the essay the source for research. Example- The University of Memphis does not make students stay on campus (Memphis).