Fall '19 I was absent, What did I miss?


Week One 12 August-16 August 2019

Monday 12 August 2019 Review the introduction PowerPoint to find deadlines for assignments and class requirements. 

Click here to access PowerPoint

Tuesday 13 August 2019  Today we took notes on rhetorical appeals and the annotation process. 

Click here to access PowerPoint for Rhetorical Appeals

Wednesday 14 August 2019 Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint to annotate the Article Look Up

Click here to read and print the article Look Up

Look Up Annotation Instructions

Thursday 15 August 2019 Go to the tab Weekly Vocabulary, download the chart, and complete the Vocabulary for week 1

Friday 15 August 2019 Complete annotation for "If Schools" Click here to download and print article


1st-We will read  “If Schools Could Pick their Studen,ts” together as a class
Then you will read for the 2nd time to annotate and find the following:
As you read, focus on looking for the CLAIM, what the author is claiming? What does he want us to do or believe? Highlight all claims in Yellow.
Now determine the GROUNDS, what evidence he has to prove his claim.
Highlight the GROUNDS in Green.
Circle anything you find confusing and any words you don’t know the meaning of. Underline any  words/phrases you think are important.
Label rhetorical appeals and explain in the margin. Highlight these Blue
Reminder: Every time you mark something in green, yellow,blue, underline, circling, etc  you must also explain why you made the choice in the margin of the text. If you do not, you are coloring not annotating.


Week Two 19 August-23 August 2019


Monday 19 August 2019 We took Cornell notes on The Puritans and did a sample SOAPSTONE. 

Click here to access PowerPoint for The Puritans notes

Tuesday 20 August 2019 Read "Sinners in the hands of an Angry God" and answer Questions #1-13

Click here to read full text of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

Click here to access the "Sinners" Questions


Wednesday 21 August 2019 Read "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" and answer Questions #13-25

Click Here to read the full text of "Sinners"

Click here to access the "Sinners" Questions

Thursday 22 August 2019 Answer Questions #26-38 for "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God"

Puritan Illustration Assignment due Friday 23 August 2019 [Paragraph should be 6-8 Sentences]

Click Here to Access the Instructions and Example for Assignment


Friday 23 August 2019 Sinners[Edwards] CQC Assignment 

-Take the CQC notes and Answer one of the CQC questions

Click here for CQC notes


Week Three 26 August-30 August 2019

Monday 26 August 2019 Continuation of Edwards CQC Assignment[ You should have 2 CQC paragraphs completed]

Click here to access the CQC Questions

Tuesday 27 August 2019 Complete the CQC self-evaluations on both of your CQC paragraphs

-Make sure you re-write your paragraphs on a new sheet of paper and turn in to green basket when class begins

Click here to access the CQC Self-evaluation

Wednesday 28 September 2019 Parody Selection
MUST ANSWER THE FOLLOWING FOR TOPIC APPROVAL-1. What is the issue you’re addressing? 2. What are people doing wrong? [Give vivid details] 3. How do you want them to change? Solution?

Thursday 29 August 2019 Completion of Parody

Click here to see Parody instructions and example parody

Friday 30 August 2019 Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God Test

-MUST make up at tutoring  [Tutoring will begin September 10th]


Week Four 2September-6 September 2019

Monday 2 September 2019 Labor Day-NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 3 September 2019 Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions of The Minister's Black Veil

Minister's Questions-Print this off and write answers on this paper


Wednesday 4 September 2019  Continue Questions of The Minister's Black Veil

Thursday 5 September 2019 Annotation of The Minister's Black Veil [see link below]

Click here to view annotation instructions

Friday 6 September 2019 Minister's Test

Make up tests at tutoring ONLY [Tutoring starts Tuesday 10 September 2:30-3pm]


Week Five 9 September-13 September 2019

Monday 9 September 2019 Bellwork-Take practice English test on pages 11-15 of ACT packet.

Classwork-Take Cornell Notes on The Crucible [see below]

Click here to access the notes; write everything down

Tuesday 10 September 2019 Bellwork- Write the rule that applies to questions #17-22 and cite the page number *Example-Question#16- rule "Pay attention to questions where it askes to delete" page 3 [Email Mrs. Jones at jonesja2@scsk12.org if you're confused]

Classwork-Finish Cornell Notes; Begin reading ACT One of The Crucible

Act 1 of The Crucible

Wednesday 11 September 2019 Continue reading Act I and completing notes 

Crucible notes Instructions

Thursday 12 September 2019 5th and 7th Timed Act I part 1 quiz [If Absent MUST attend tutoring to make up]

Finish Reading Act I

Friday 13 September 2019 1st, 2nd,3rd, 6th-timed Act I part 1 quiz [If absent MUST attend tutoring to make up]

Finish reading Act I



Week Six 16 September -20 September 2019

Monday 16 September 2019 Act I Open note/open book quiz [If absent MUST attend tutoring to make up]

Tuesday 17 Setember 2019 Characterization notes; completion of ACT I notes [Due Wednesday 18 September 2019]

Click here to take Characterization notes

Wednesday 18 September 2019

OSCAR Characterization chart [choose a major character from Act 1 and complete Print chart off and complete

Thursday 19 September 2019 English ACT Practice test [If absent MUST attend tutoring to make up]
Friday 20 September 2019 Half Day


Week Seven 23 September-27 September 2019

Monday 23 September 2019 Week 5 Vocabulary due

Bell Work: Answer the following questions in paragraph form [Each question should have a paragraph answer]

  1. What do you believe Miller’s purpose/theme of The Crucible is?
  2. Based on Act 1, what do you predict will occur in Act 2 and why?


Reading of Act II of The Crucible [Go to Links tab and read the pdf or from the online textbool] and complete Cornell notes for Act II

Act II Cornell notes instructions



Tuesday 24 September 2019

  • Bellwork: Answer the following [Each should have 3-4 sentence answers]:
  1. What is the significance in Elizabeth saying “Oh the noose is up. The noose is up? Explain what it could foreshadow.
  2. Describe the conflict between Proctor and Elizabeth in Act II.

Reading of Act II of The Crucible Look to Monday for Act II notes instructions and for instructions on reading Act II


Wednesday 25 September 2019

  • Bellwork: Answer the following [Each should have 3-4 sentence answers]:
  1. Explain the significance of 3 examples of Puritan thought in Act II so far. What does each help you to understand the time period?
  2. Describe Elizabeth as a character.

Reading of Act II of The Crucible Look to Monday for Act II notes instructions and for instructions on reading Act II


Thursday 26 September 2019

Bellwork: Answer the following on your OWN paper:

  1. Proctor says “My wife will never die for me! I will bring your guts into your mouth but that goodness will not die for me!” what is the significance? What does this show about his character?
  2. Elizabeth says “ The girl is murder she must be ripped out of the world” What is the significance? How does this add to the conflict with authorities? Explain.

The Crucible Act II video and completion of notes


Friday 27 September 2019 Bellwork due

The Crucible  Act II Character activity






Throughout a piece of writing, various conflicts are introduced to move the plot forward and, ultimately, to help the reader understand the theme (message) of the story.

In the first two acts of the play, the author introduces MANY conflicts between characters.


Your job is to identify TWO characters that either cause or endure each of the conflicts below.

For each type of conflict, explain your choices and cite textual evidence for support.



The author, Arthur Miller, spends a good deal of time discussing what motivated people to accuse their neighbors of witchcraft during the actual Salem Witch Trials.

Throughout the first two acts, we are introduced to characters and Miller reveals their personal motivations (reasons) for acting.

Your job is to identify TWO characters that are motivated by each of the reasons below.

For each, explain your choices and cite textual evidence for support.


Person vs. self (internal)


Person vs. society (internal or external)


Person vs. person (external)







Week Eight 30 September-4 October 2019

Monday 30 September 2019 Read Act III of absent and answer questions
Tuesday 1 October 2019 Read Act III of absent and answer questions
Wednesday 2 October 2019 Act IV reading and Act IV Cornell notes
Thursday 3 October 2019Act IV Group Questions/CQC
Friday 4 October 2019 Act IV Group questions/CQC


Week Nine 7 October-11 October 2019


Monday 7 October 2019 The Crucible test
Tuesday 8 October 2019 The Crucible Essay- Steps 1-3
Wednesday 9 October 2019 The Crucible Essay
Thursday 10 October 2019 The Crucible Essay
Friday 11 October 2019 Half Day



Fall Break 14 October-19 October 2019

Quarter 2

Week One 21 October-25 October 2019

Monday 21 October 2019 The Crucible Essay Introduction
Tuesday 22 October 2019 The Crucible Essay Introduction/Claims
Wednesday 23 October 2019 The Crucible Essay Claims
Thursday 24 October 2019 The Crucible Essay CQC body paragraphs [Essay due via Google Docs Friday November 1st by 11:59pm to mrsjjonesenglishclass@gmail.com]

Friday 25 October 2019 TPCASTT of Traveling through The Dark- Complete TPCASTT using the poem below

TPCASTT Instructions

Traveling Through The Dark Poem


Week TWO 28 October-1 November 2019

Monday 28 October 2019 Bellwork-Write all of the following ACT Reading tips down

Read  4 Passages of 10 questions each

• Answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions

• In 35 Minutes The ACT Reading Test assesses a student’s ability to

  • read and understand the lines

  • read and understand between the lines.

I.Fiction (a novel or short story excerpt)

II.  Social Science (an informative piece from anthropology, business, economics, history, political science, psychology, sociology, etc.)

III.Humanities (a “personal” or informative piece from

  the arts, literature,music, philosophy, etc.)

IV.  Natural Science (an informative piece from biology, chemistry, geology, medicine, physics, technology, zoology, etc.)


Classwork- Read Interlopers on page 198 of your curriculum given back in August

The Interlopers full text


Interlopers Cornell Notes pages 204-208 of curriculum [if lost print these out

Tuesday 29 October 2019 ACT Practice test [No Class]

Wednesday 30 October 2019 Bellwork-ACT summary  Click Link below

Read and summarize in 3-4 sentences

Classwork-Mending Wall TPCASTT[ Mending Wall is on page 195 of the curriculum]

Mending Wall TPCASTT



Thursday 31 October 2019 Bellwork-Grammar Sentence Types


Classwork-Mending Wall TPCASTT [Mending Wall is on page 195 of the curriculum]

Mending Wall TPCASTT

Mrs. Jones sample analysis


Friday 1 November 2019 Mending Wall Interlopers CQC

Walls CQC PAGE 1

Walls CQC PAGE 2



Week Three 4 November-8 November 2019


Monday 4 November 2019 Fifteen TPCASTT Poetry analysis

Fifteen-poem full text

TPCASTT instructions

Tuesday 5 November 2019 ACT Score Activity [Must come to tutoring to complete]

Wednesday 6 November 2019

"A Zombie is a Slave Forever" article read and answer #1-8 under Comprehension; #1 and #3 under Purpose and Audience; #2,4,6,7 under Style and Structure; Complete the Journal entry with a minimum of 2 paragraphs

Zombie text page 1

Zombie text page 2

Thursday 7 November 2019 The Raven Translation

The Raven Full Text

The Raven Translation Guide

Friday 8 November 2019 Half Day


Week Four 11 November-15 November 2019

Monday 11 November 2019 Veterans Day NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 12 November 2019 Day 2 of The Raven Translation

The Raven Full Text

The Raven Translation Guide

Wednesday 13 November 2019 Day 3 of The Raven Translation

The Raven Full Text

The Raven Translation Guide

Thursday 14 November 2019 The Raven Symbolism Chart


What it is symbolic of


Evidence from the poem (Quote)



Midnight And December

(Think about a clock/calendar…what do these things have in common?)





The Bust of Pallas

(Who is Pallas?  Why might that be important?  Where is the raven in relationship to the bust?  Why might that be important?)




The Raven

(What are crows and ravens historically symbolic of?  What do they eat?  Why does it matter to this particular poem?)






Friday 15 November 2019 The Raven review notes and CQC

The Raven Notes and CQC


Week Five 18 November-22 November 2019

Monday 18 November 2019/Tuesday 19 November 2019 [Read pages 293-299; Take notes provided and notes additionally on descriptive details, imagery, symbols, and words you don't know]

“The Fall of the House of Usher”







Point of view














































































































Small guitar-like instrument.

Saying at the start:  His heart is strung like a guitar – he reacts to the smallest touch.


1st person narrator


Autumn, dreary, cloudy, dark, sad, quiet, sunset.



Autumn (aka Fall):  Time of death (something else might die??)

Sunset – Introduction to darkness, day is ending (something else might end???)


Narrator is visiting the Usher’s house.


The house:  Bleak, decayed trees, vacant (empty) eye-like windows, stinky plants, simple landscape.


His reaction to looking at the house:  “insufferable gloom” – depression, sadness, that can’t be shaken.

Compares his feeling to a hangover – the “down” after a “high.”

Couldn’t figure out why the house made him feel that way. 

Tries to change the feeling by changing the scene – Looks at the reflection of the house in the lake instead of directly at the house.  Made it worse!


Roderick Usher – owner of house.

Narrator is there to see him, known each other since they were kids.

Roderick is sick – mentally and physically sick.

Sent to cheer Roderick up / comfort him.

-Why is there an emphasis on “heart” at the bottom of page 294? Why is this significant


Ushers keep to themselves

They love music…give lots of $ to it.

The Usher family are “pure blooded” – they “keep it in the family.” [Practice incest; incestuous; deficiency the narrator mentions]



“House of Usher” – no difference between the house and the people who live in it.  They are the same.

Constant emphasis on remoteness/isolation of the house and its air of ruin, decay and oppressive melacholy as hallmarks of the Gothic style.


Narrator swears he sees an aura / fog around the house that has nothing to do with the rest of the surroundings.


House looks really old, but solid.

Inconsistency in the house – looks strong, but individual bricks are crumbling.

Narrator notices a crack (fissure) running from the roof to the water.


Dreamlike or fantastic (as in fantasy, not great).  Poe made this word.


Narrator meets the family doctor on the stairs.  Doctor is acting very nervous, seems confused, and seems to be up to something.


Usher is sitting in the dark.  Room is sad and depressing.


Usher has changed a lot!  Narrator barely recognizes him.


Usher looks like a corpse!

Eyes:  shiny, bright

Narrator is freaked out by the contrast between his dead face and his living eyes.

Usher’s hair is wild and appears to float around his face.


“Habitual trepidancy” – natural nervousness


Inconsistency in behavior –

  • Goes from upbeat, energetic to being sulky and pouting in the corner.
  • Voice:  goes from shaking, nervous, indecisive to obnoxious and loud, appearing to be drunk or high.


Blames disease on his family – passed down.

No cure

Symptoms –

  • “morbidly acute senses” = highly sensitive
  • Can’t tolerate anything but boring, bland food
  • Sensitive to sound and light
  • Can’t tolerate smells
  • Can only touch certain fabrics





Wednesday 20 November 2019  The Fall of the House of Usher notes and questions

Thursday 21 November 2019The Fall of the House of Usher notes and questions

Friday 22 November 2019 The Fall of the House of Usher notes and questions

The Fall of the House of Usher Full Text


Week Six 2 December-6 December 2019

Monday 2 December 2019 Read The Black Cat and answer questions 1-10

The Black Cat Full text and Questions

Tuesday 3 December 2019 Answer Questions 11-21 for The Black Cat
Wednesday 4 December 2019 Usher/Raven Test

Thursday 5 December 2019 Poe Argumentative Essay Assignment

Work on Outline

Print Outline here

Friday 6 December 2019 Outline due today-Introduction is due Monday 9 December 2019

Introduction Example-Pages 2-7


Week Seven 9 December-13 December 2019

Monday 9 December 2019 Introduction due today [see Friday 6 December if you need assistance on intro]
Tuesday 10 December 2019 1st Body Paragraph due today [Must be in CQC format-see tab labeled CQC example]
Wednesday 11 December 2019 2nd Body Paragraph due today [MUST be in CQC format-see tab labeled CQC example if you need assistance further]
Thursday 12 December 2019 Conclusion Paragraph due today
Friday 13 December 2019 Final PRINTED essay is due!